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Toyota Battery in Metairie, LA

No matter how well you treat your vehicle, car batteries still wear out every few years and need to be replaced. It’s just one of those regular maintenance items we deal with as car owners. It’s a possible DIY job, though most people will opt to have an experienced mechanic do it as it requires a bit of muscle and sometimes resetting and reprogramming your clock and entertainment system.

  1. Make sure to wear safety goggles and gloves. Although the battery is sealed, you are dealing with lead and possible corrosion, so stay protected!
  2. Locate your old battery. It’s usually under the hood, but sometimes in the trunk.
  3. Locate the positive and negative terminals. Positive is usually red or has a + sign on it.
  4. Using a wrench, loosen the NEGATIVE terminal’s post. Make sure not to allow any metallic object to touch both posts at the same time.
  5. Remove the terminal and cable from the battery’s negative end first, then do the same with the positive end.
  6. Carefully remove the battery. Watch out, it’s heavy! There may be a retaining clamp you have to remove.
  7. Check for corrosion on the terminals. If there’s any present, you will want to have this cleaned by professionals.
  8. Put the new battery in the old one’s place. Make sure the positive and negative ends are lined up with the terminals.
  9. Add anti-corrosion grease to the terminals, and reattach them positive side FIRST.
  10. Reinstall any retaining clamps, and make sure the battery is firmly seated. You don’t want it rattling around while on the highway.
  11. Bring your old battery to an auto store or dealership to be recycled. It is illegal to throw these away in the trash, so watch out!

If you think you’d like for a professional to install your new battery, you can give our service center a call at 504-576-9802, come in to visit us at 3701 North Causeway Blvd, Metairie, LA 70002, or schedule your appointment online. Interested in purchasing a new vehicle? Check out our new and pre-owned vehicle inventory!

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