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Toyota Star Safety System

When it comes to a modern vehicle, there is no doubt that the safety of that vehicle is one of the top if not the number one priority when you are looking to buy. This is where your family is going to be sitting, this is where you are going to be spending more time than you may ever realize, so don't you think you should be protected? This is where you ask what is the Toyota Star Safety System in New Orleans LA and what is it doing to keep my family safe?. It's time you learned about the star-studded safety on your brand new Toyota here in New Orleans.

Safety is one of the primary features on a vehicle. It gets the most testing and is the toughest part of a vehicle's build process in terms of getting everything right. So why don't more people pay attention to it? It seems we are so interested in getting our new ride in the right color or with the right entertainment tech within that we forget what is really important, not being dead. Toyota has taken it upon itself to make sure that each vehicle that bears its badge is safe enough to make sure that even though you may sometimes forget about safety, Toyota never will.

How Does Toyota Keep You Safe?

By combining some of the most technologically advanced active safety systems with the build quality and structural support that has been shaped by science, your new Toyota model is designed to keep you safer than ever. Let's break down the active safety tech found on the current crop of new Toyota vehicles that make up the Star Safety System.

  • Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) - Through sensors in the steering wheel and the brakes, wheel speed and slippage can be measured to see if your vehicle is beginning to lose control. Autonomous braking and power management work to bring the vehicle back under your driving control.

  • Traction Control (TRAC) - By reading data from the anti-lock brake sensors, the traction control system will reduce slippage in individual wheels as necessary by reducing engine power to a specific corner of the vehicle. If that isn't enough, autonomous braking will be engaged as well.

  • Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) - To keep one or multiple wheels from braking at an inconsistent rate in relation to the rest of the set, magnetic brake sensors monitor the rate of slowing at each wheel and will pulsate the brake of any wheel that begins to brake too rapidly and lock up, preventing an unwanted loss of control.

  • Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) - Acting as part of the anti-lock braking system, the electronic brake-force distribution will act in response to the massive shifting of weight that occurs under heavy braking. Varying the braking levels between wheels under pressure will help prevent sudden losses of control.

  • Brake Assist (BA) - Designed to help when "panic braking" or sudden and severe braking is detected. Brake assist will aid in slowing the vehicle down quickly when there is a desperate attempt to stop the vehicle in a hurry.

  • Smart Stop Technology (SST) - Under certain conditions, braking and acceleration may be done at the same time. In this uncommon scenario, the smart stop technology will reduce engine power to keep unnecessary maintenance issues and losses of control from occurring.
Next time you step inside a brand new Toyota vehicle, you will be surely impressed by the look and feel of the impeccable craftsmanship. But what should be the most important thing to you is what goes by unseen. The safety of the new Toyota line up here at Lakeside Toyota is what you need in a vehicle, and it is here in New Orleans LA.

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