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2016 Toyota Corolla

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2016 Toyota Corolla

One of the most successful sedans on the planet has just gotten a little bit better for the 2016 model year. Over the past generations, we have watched the legendary Toyota Corolla shape itself into one of the most efficient, most desirable and all-round best compact sedans on the market today. So when Toyota announced the arrival of the 2016 Toyota Corolla, everyone and their mother geared up to get their first chance at a drive behind the wheel of not just America's, but the favorite compact sedan the world over.

Ever since it first rolled off of the production half a century ago or more, there has been an obvious buzz surrounding the Corolla. It is efficient, light and plenty of fun to drive. Best of all, this is a car that delivers plenty of ride for pennies on the dollar. So why is it that the 2016 Corolla is making everyone so excited? Well, perhaps it has something to do with the new addition to the Corolla family, the Special Edition. A few different bits and pieces have been upgraded and even some have been added anew, but it is a great Corolla all the same.

Performance, Efficiency & Features of the 2016 Corolla

Going from the 2015 Toyota Corolla to the 2016 Toyota Corolla offers minimal upgrades and a few minor changes, but where the changes have occurred are in all the right areas. We do get to experience the thrilling Sport Mode on select Corolla vehicles, letting you throw yourself behind the wheel of a sports car at the touch of a button. But don't think that with all that sporting presence you are losing anything in terms of efficiency. You can expect to achieve upwards of 42 miles per gallon depending on which Corolla trim you are interested in.

If there is one thing that you can say for sure about the 2016 Toyota Corolla, it is that it is one smart cookie. With Bluetooth connectivity standard on all models, never again will you be forced to live a life separate from your digital device. When properly equipped, you can even take advantage of things like a backup camera, voice recognition and commands, intelligent steering wheel controls and much more. There is no better place to be than inside the cockpit of the bright and brilliant 2016 Toyota Corolla.